Expert Photography Advice from 3 Aspen Photographers

In the summer issue of Aspen Weddings – Modern Luxury Magazine, writer Misty Milioto asked three photographers what they think bride’s should think about when finding a wedding photographer.

Robin suggests 6 tips for finding the perfect wedding photographer.

  1.  Check the preferred vendor list from wherever you are having your wedding ceremony/reception, or from your wedding planner.  Why?  They will know who captures the location best, who works there the most and is nice to work with.  They will typically only recommend vendors who are the best fit for their clients personalities and style.
  2.   Get a local’s perspective, ask your hair stylist or the florist, who their favorites are and why.
  3.   Once you have some names, check out their websites and see which ones fit the look and feel you want in your pictures.
  4.    Meet photographers in person, talk on the phone or skype.
  5.   Think about what you want as finished products.  Do you want the high res images, a beautiful wedding album, canvas prints?
  6.   Determine your budget. Aspen Weddings Modern Luxury Photography advicePINTHIS
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